The Parting of the Shoe

When Greeneville basketball prodigy Bryan Bae goes down from a freak shoe accident during a high school playoff game, it’s up to wannabe PI Maxine Phillips to solve the mystery. From high-strung suburban moms to disgruntled band teachers, Max must sift through an idiosyncratic and problematic group of suspects to uncover the truth behind Bryan’s injury and the town of Greeneville.


A nine-part comedic whodunnit, The Parting of the Shoe is available wherever you get your podcasts.

A Two Steps to the Left Production
with Bear Elegance Productions

Directed and Produced by Miriam Randolph & Henry Parizek
Written by Chase Carson, Ryan Conlon, Eric DePriester, Henry Parizek, William Rafter, & Miriam Randolph
Sound Design, Editing, and Mixing by Henry Parizek
Theme Music by Fran├žois Comtois
Additional Music by Henry Parizek
Poster Design by Raven Noble
Trailer Editing by Ryan Conlon