Treason – Stage

Produced as a 60-minute, one-act play for the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival, TREASON is a dark comedy on the danger and absurdity of American politics. Written by Eric DePriester and featuring an original score by Eric Cannata and François Comtois of Young the Giant, the production had a seven-show run at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre.

Grant Wilson – Dave Reynolds
Candice Wilson – Dalia Vosylius
Savannah Wilson – Emma Center
Kyle Wilson – Colby Rummell
Raymond – Ra Hanna

Directed by Lindsay Nyman and Eric DePriester
Written by Eric DePriester
Original Score by Eric Cannata and François Comtois
Lighting/Tech Design by Cody Andersen

Photos by Annie Lesser

Fringe promo video- “Trailer”

Opening Theme by Eric Cannata and François Comtois
Animation by Cait Chock

Fringe promo video- “State of the Union”

Fringe promo video- “Backyard Drills”