A short film about living with yourself.

Shot as a silent film with a skeleton crew, COMPOSURE is a duet between actor Emma Center and composer François Comtois of Young the Giant. The script was inspired by the isolation of quarantine, and the film by the works of Vincente Minnelli, John Carpenter, and Michelangelo Antonioni, among others.

Written and Directed by Eric DePriester
Starring Emma Center
Music by François Comtois
Produced by Eric DePriester
Directors of Photography- Fernando Cordero Caballero and Julia Weisberg
Edited by Ryan Conlon and Eric DePriester
Assistant Director- Lindsay Nyman
Script Supervisor- Amanda Martin
Visual Effects/DIT- Ryan Conlon
Colorist- Miriam Randolph
Still Photographer- Colby Rummell

Coming 2022.